The Global Leading Mobile Commerce Startup Accelerator.

We are part of Naranya, the biggest mobile commerce company in Latin America. We provide funding, support, and resources to startups aiming at high growth economies.

The Opportunity


Mobile Carriers

Connected to our infrastructure


Million Customers

Within our distribution and monetization platforms.



With Naranya's local offices.




Mobile solutions from international entrepreneurs aiming high growth markets.



We invest up to USD$40,000 dollars in kind.



To get you through the next funding stage. Starting mid-March.

The Portfolio - Edition 2


A mobile marketing tool for malls and stores with loyalty programs and business intelligence analytics.


Is the first ubiquitous classifieds service for emerging markets. We help anyone with a phone buy and sell goods or find a job.


Small businesses - payment and intelligence solution


Art marketplace where Latin American independent artists can display and sell their artwork; and art-lovers can find, share and buy original art that matches their taste and budget.


The simplest and fastest way to collect money among friends


A Social commerce platform tool for finding local and online products and services in Latin America.

Ticket Hoy

Tonight’s Going Out Solution for Latin America


Woo-Hoo enhances the learning experience of Latin American children through interactive books and mobile apps.

The Portfolio - Edition 1


Cash payments gateway for online retailers.

ComproPago provides more than 130,000 payment points across Mexico, where customers can make cash payments for products and services acquired online.


Mobile gaming studio.

CreApps gives a twist to mobile gaming by making games that help social causes.


Conversational ad network

Flipter suite of tools facilitate the distribution of social polls and the collection, storage, organization, analysis and distribution of social-opinion based data.


Indoor search tecnology for retail stores.

Kuona helps you quickly find consumer products inside and across retail stores. Kuona gives you personalized in-store deals based on your profile and preferences.


Making loyalty easy and fun

Loyalty is a two way street between brand and customer. We're here to help brands no matter how small, know and reward customers who love their business.


Delivery service via Twitter.

Twitt2Go is a platform that allows businesses to take orders via Twitter.

The Program

Model Refinement

One on one tutoring. Receive feedback, resources, and connections.

Continuous Market Validation

Redefine your work on your business model, financial model, metrics and product through customer interaction.


Access our investor network through events, roadshows and one on one meetings.

Naranya Integration

Access Naranya´s distribution network, monetization infrastructure, and the company's industry experts.

International Reach

Our Monterrey and Mexico City coworking spaces are connected to Argentina, Brazil, Colombia and USA.

The Mentors

We've gathered more than 100 experts that will help you with issues you might find along your way. The mentors support you in several areas including: finance, human resources, legal, technology, business models, pitching, marketing, social media and design.

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The Team

Arturo Galván
Founder and CEO @ Naranya
General partner @ naranya*VENTURES
Pablo Salazar
Co-Founder and Managing Partner @ naranya*VENTURES
Patricia Galván
Investor Relations
Dimitrio Gómez
Program Designer
Elisa Escamilla
Mentors Coordinator
Zoe Escamilla
Administrative Manager

The Partners